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Eau de parfum - 50ml

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Oribe Fragrance embodies glamour, sex and fashion in a bottle. To create our signature perfume-grade scents, we worked with the world’s finest French fragrance houses. After exploring several iterations that work for men and women alike, one fragrance stood above the rest. 

Fragrance Family

Citrus Floral

Key Notes

Calabrian bergamot, fresh lemon, plum, black currant, Sicilian orange

Middle Notes:

White butterfly jasmine, tuberose, blue cyclamen 

Drydown Notes:

Sandalwood, vetiver, crisp amber 

About Fragrance Notes

Top Notes

The most volatile, Top Notes provide the first scent impression of a fragrance once it is applied. They evaporate quickly and tend to be fresh and light in nature.

Middle Notes

Middle Notes are called “heart notes” and make up the body of the blend. These warm, soft scents will take 10-30 minutes  to fully develop once applied and are sometimes used to classify the fragrance into a family.

Drydown Notes

The longest lasting scent impressions with the most weight and intensity are Drydown Notes. These notes help slow down the evaporation of the lighter notes.


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